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ArtoFoxo and Red Panda Network Partnership: Animal Art Prints that made a difference.

Posted on March 15 2018

The extraordinary success we are very proud of

It’s already been two months since ArtoFoxo and Red Panda Network established an amazing partnership. Time sure flies! And although soon we will be concluding our journey with these amazing peeps and begin collaborating with new animal charities to help them raise funds, we thought it would be great to share what we have accomplished with Red Panda Network.

In addition to donating a part of our profits as usual, ArtoFoxo took part in the exciting “Peace, Love, & Red Pandas” 2018 Fundraising Auction organized by Red Panda Network that kicked off on Valentine’s Day (February 14th). All funds raised went to supporting their conservation initiatives in Nepal as well as expansion to Western Nepal, which will allow spreading awareness of the state of red pandas in the region. But it's not all!

We are very proud to say that our animal art prints became a real success! We had donated our most favorite red panda animal art, from geeky dictionary art pieces and cute watercolor animal prints, to stylish and adorable geometric wall art, which altogether raised a donation of $285. Above all, our team was very excited to find out that animal art prints made by ArtoFoxo became one of the most valuable auction items, which means that they made a significant contribution to the fundraiser. This news made us truly proud. 

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this auction and once again send our regards to friends at Red Panda Network, as all the work that they are doing to protect wild red pandas and their natural habitat is truly remarkable.